The police report cases of economic fraud that we have been acting for

The police report cases of economic fraud that we have been acting for

Since the first case of economic fraud was reported and filed by the public security in 2012, the lawyer team of Jielv has assisted multiple victims in handling more than 200 economic crime cases, arrested more than 300 criminals, and helped victims recover huge losses The types of cases that have been handled mainly include: fund-raising, investment fraud, loan fraud, marriage fraud, bill fraud, contract fraud, etc., which have been praised by the victims and relevant departments.

We provide victims with one-stop economic crime public security reporting and filing services, including economic crime reporting evidence sorting, case analysis, customized reporting materials, and later one-to-one guidance for reporting and receiving, which can solve the goal of reporting and filing by process and ultimately make the case successful. Success in filing a case also means that economic losses can be recovered with great probability.


[Case Analysis] Qualitative analysis of cases before agency

In practice, many criminals often hide fraud under the cloak of civil legality, such as IOUs, contracts, etc. Under its deliberate cover, some cases do not seem to meet the requirements of the public security case handling process. For this reason, when we receive the entrustment of the party concerned, we will assign a special person to analyze the case and judge whether it is really a fraud case. In order to avoid the victim wasting investment and time. The case analysis report issued by us can objectively analyze the subjective and objective responsibilities of the legal level of the case, propose countermeasures against the traps set by the suspect, and evaluate the acceptability of the case handling authority;

[Evidence investigation] Reporting requires strict evidence chain

Public security reporting of economic fraud requires a strict chain of evidence, which is different from other solutions such as civil litigation Based on our experience in reporting cases as agents for many years, we clearly know that we can obtain the evidence requirements required for filing a case, and we act as agents for the parties to investigate and fix. We accept the entrustment of the parties to investigate and fix the evidence of fraud facts.

[Public Security Reporting and Filing] Follow up and communicate the progress of public security organs in handling cases throughout the process

Do not think that any eligible cases of economic fraud can be filed by the public security organs Mastering and displaying the core of the case, so that the case handling organ can understand and support the case, requires the collective cooperation of a professional team At the same time, getting the case filed is only the first step in the process. To get the ideal result, it requires constant communication with the case handling authorities and support from technical experts, which is a necessary stage for making the case bigger and more practical.

Why do we need our help to report the case?

It is the duty of the public security organs to accept and deal with the cases of fraud reported by citizens or enterprises But you should be clear that many fraud cases are not ordinary cases. Under the deliberate cover of criminals, the complexity of the cases is unimaginable. For this reason, it is common that they will not handle, have not handled, and are difficult to identify In this case, it is necessary to have a professional team to represent the victim to analyze and break through the difficulties encountered in reporting the case, and implant the previous successful case experience into it, so as to obtain better handling results

In the reporting process, the victim could not clearly understand some details of the fraud case and the requirements of evidence at the public security level. Even many cases had insufficient evidence and vague description of the record, which cost a lot of energy but could not be recognized All these situations require the involvement of professional teams to better realize the appeal of victims' filing under the premise of cost control.

Public security filing process of economic fraud cases

The filing procedure of economic fraud crime includes three parts: acceptance, review and handling of filing materials. In practice, the parties need to face multiple complex links, such as evidence fixation, record analysis, and the legal principle of reporting materials and documents to pass the preliminary trial. Therefore, in general, the reporting of such cases is usually conducted by a professional team with rich experience and focus on anti fraud cases.

1、 Reporting of economic crimes of fraud: the acceptance of filing materials for reporting economic crimes of fraud refers to the acceptance of reporting, accusation, reporting and voluntary surrender materials by public security organs, people's procuratorates and people's courts. It is the beginning of the fraud filing procedure.

2、 Examination of case filing materials by public security organs: Examination of case filing materials refers to the activities of public security organs, people's procuratorates and people's courts to check and investigate the case filing materials they have found or accepted. The purpose is to determine whether a crime has occurred, whether the perpetrator should be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law, and to lay the foundation for deciding whether to file a case. Article 86 of the Criminal Procedure Law stipulates that the people's court, the people's procuratorate or the public security organ shall, in accordance with their jurisdiction, promptly review the materials of reports, charges, reports and voluntary surrender.

The examination of the reporting materials of fraud cases is the central link of the filing procedure, because the filing depends on the results of the statutory authorities' examination of the reporting materials. The process of reviewing materials is the process of confirming whether there are criminal facts and analyzing and judging whether such criminal facts need to be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the filing conditions of fraud crimes stipulated by law. Find out whether it is a criminal act by reviewing materials; Whether there is reliable evidence to prove that it is a criminal act; Whether it is necessary to investigate the criminal responsibility of the perpetrator according to law; Whether there are situations where criminal responsibility is not investigated.

In judicial practice, when examining the materials for filing a case, the statutory organ may require the reporter, complainant and informant to provide additional materials, or require them to make additional explanations, or may conduct necessary investigations.

As long as the materials are sufficient to prove that criminal responsibility needs to be investigated and the case should be filed, or that criminal responsibility does not need to be investigated and the case should not be filed according to law, the review of case filing materials can be completed.

3、 Handling of case filing materials by the public security department: Handling of case filing materials for suspected fraud refers to the decision of the public security organ, the People's Procuratorate and the People's Court to file or not to file a case after reviewing the case filing materials, which is the final stage of the case filing procedure.



杰律律师团队自2012年开始代理并协助第一起诈骗经济犯罪公安报案立案案件以来,至今十余年的时间内已经协助多受害者办理了200余起经济类犯罪案件,抓捕犯罪分子三百余名,帮助受害者挽回巨大损失. 已经办理的案件主要包括的类型为:集资、投资诈骗、借贷式诈骗、婚恋诈骗、票据诈骗、合同诈骗等,获得被害人和相关部门的好评。













一、诈骗经济犯罪报案:对立案材料的接受 对诈骗经济犯罪报案案件立案材料的接受,是指公安机关、人民检察院和人民法院对报案、控告、举报和自首材料的受理。它是诈骗罪立案程序的开始。


对诈骗案件报案材料的审查,是立案程序的中心环节,因为立案与否取决于法定机关对报案材料审查的结果。审查材料的过程就是根据法律所规定诈骗犯罪的立案条件,确认有无犯罪事实和分析、评断这种犯罪事实是否需要追究刑事责任的过程。通过审查材料查明:是否属于犯罪行为;有无可靠证据材料证明属犯罪行为; 依法是否需要追究行为人的刑事责任;有无存在不追究刑事责任的情形。





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