The real meaning of the law hanging on people's lips is wealth—— Emerson

corporation lawyer

We provide international buyers and sellers with legal advisory services related to China, background investigation of practical trade, and other relevant legal services. Help international sellers establish relevant marketing channels in China.

We provide domestic import and export enterprises with consulting services and procurement services related to local legal business.

Account Collection

We have a very professional team for account collection, credit management, and asset management.

Debt unwinding

Debt unwinding is mainly entrusted by the company's shareholders to prevent malicious collection of the company's debts when the company goes bankrupt. There is almost no difference between personal bankruptcy and enterprise bankruptcy, but there is a lot of room for individuals to maneuver in the bankruptcy process, you know.

Guangdong Jielv Law Firm

Jielv's lawyer team has achieved the second place in the country in terms of additional shareholders.

In 2012, Lawyer Wang Guangyu set up the "Collection Team of Shenzhen Lawyers Wang Guangyu". At the beginning of its establishment, it adhered to the principle of "saving justice and helping the poor" to help countless creditors recover their economic losses.

At the end of 2015, Wang Guangyu's lawyer team began to help creditors recover their economic losses through legal proceedings.

Guangdong Jielv Law Firm

The Jielv lawyer team adopts modern enterprise management, partnership and other 。 The business model attracts the world‘s elite. Adhere to professionalism and insist on globalization.

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