Service Content of Guangdong Jie Law Firm's Family Trust Practice


At our Guangdong Jie Law Firm, the practice of family trust services plays a pivotal role in several dimensions, encompassing various aspects with offerings including but not limited to the following points:


1. Consultation and Design: Our lawyers assist clients in grasping the essence of family trusts, legal frameworks, their applications, and tailor structures based on specific needs. We help select the right trust type (such as cash trusts, equity trusts, insurance trusts, real estate trusts, charitable trusts, etc.), draft trust agreements, and other legal documents.


2. Compliance Review: Ensure adherence to local laws, regulations, including Trust Law, tax codes, foreign exchange controls, cross-border asset allocation, international legal-tax implications when relevant.   

3. Risk Management: Evaluate and propose strategies against inheritance tax, gift tax, asset protection, divorce risks, utilizing trust attributes for property safeguarding.   

4. Beneficiary Rights Protection: Structure terms ensuring assets distributed per settlor’s wishes, conditions, beneficiary rules, supervision mechanisms, balance within family harmony   

5. Family Governance: Strengthen or optimize governance, constitutional structure, family meetings, offices, communication channels, fostering decisions, long-term interests   

6. Dispute Resolution: Represent in any legal disputes during trust operation, arbitration or litigation, protect client rights   

7. Ongoing Legal Support:Long-term trusts require continuous advice on revisions, trustee changes, management, investments, tax planning   

8. Education: Train family members on trust, wealth management, business operations, enhance understanding


9. Charity Planning: For charitable trusts, offer establishment, operational advice, ensure legitimacy, efficiency   

10. Cross-Border Services: International scope, lawyers handle asset transfers, conflicts, taxation, collaborate globally   

11. Risk Assessment & Control: Thorough due diligence, credit risk, feasibility checks, mitigation like collateral, structured tiers   

12. Yield Design: Align with rates, cost, set returns, pay schedules, quarterly/yearly, final settlement   

13. Product Structure: Single/multi-trust, beneficiaries, tailored to risk appetites   

14. Documents:Prepare contracts,trusteeship, instructions, legal clarity, disclosure, fees, process   


In essence, our law practice integrates legal, financial, governance expertise for high net-worth clients’ comprehensive, personalized wealth legacy management.


The real meaning of the law hanging on people's lips is wealth—— Emerson

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We provide international buyers and sellers with legal advisory services related to China, background investigation of practical trade, and other relevant legal services. Help international sellers establish relevant marketing channels in China.

We provide domestic import and export enterprises with consulting services and procurement services related to local legal business.

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We have a very professional team for account collection, credit management, and asset management.

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Debt unwinding is mainly entrusted by the company's shareholders to prevent malicious collection of the company's debts when the company goes bankrupt. There is almost no difference between personal bankruptcy and enterprise bankruptcy, but there is a lot of room for individuals to maneuver in the bankruptcy process, you know.

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