What should we pay attention to when setting up a foreign company

When a foreign company is established, it shall perform the following obligations of care:

1. Shareholders of foreign-funded enterprises: they may be foreign enterprises or foreign residents. Moreover, shareholders of Sino foreign joint ventures can only be Chinese companies, not Chinese citizens. When a foreign-funded company is registered, it shall submit its shareholder's identity certificate and capital verification report. Foreign citizens shall submit the business operation certificate notarized by a notary office, and foreign citizens shall submit legal and valid foreign passports;

2. Registered capital of foreign-funded enterprises: The registered capital of foreign-funded companies registered in China shall be paid in. The foreign investor shall promptly remit the full amount of its registered capital to the foreign exchange account of the foreign-capital company, which shall be verified by a professional accounting firm and issued a report. Business scope: The foreign-funded company shall fill in the business scope carefully, and the business scope in the later period shall not exceed the company's business scope. The business scope shall be no more than 100 words, including punctuation marks. Projects requiring prior approval shall be approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China in advance;

3. Registered address: The registered address of the company must be commercialized, and the lease certificate of the business premises and copies of invoices and property certificates shall be submitted.

Company Law of the People's Republic of China

Article 6 To establish a company, an application for establishment registration shall be filed with the company registration authority according to law. Where the conditions for establishment prescribed in this Law are met, the company registration authority shall register the company as a limited liability company or a joint stock limited company respectively; Those who do not meet the conditions for establishment as prescribed in this Law shall not be registered as a limited liability company or a joint stock limited company.

Where the establishment of a company is subject to approval as required by laws and administrative regulations, the approval formalities shall be gone through according to law before the company is registered.

The public may apply to the company registration authority for inquiry of the company's registered items, and the company registration authority shall provide inquiry services.


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