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We can provide Chinese legal services for international sellers and buyers


We provide international sellers and buyers with a full range of legal advisory services, as well as relevant sales channels and supply channels. 1. Corporate lawyer services related to China for international sellers and buyers; 2. Provide "anti fake" information about the Chinese market; 3. Help and provide consultation to establish sales, supply and procurement channels in China.


Why are you looking for us? We have a deep understanding of China's laws. So far, it has handled more than 3000 corporate cases and applied for more than 2000 enterprises to go bankrupt.


We are Guangdong Jielu Law Firm located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the People's Republic of China. We are specialized in handling commercial cases and have accumulated a large number of customer resources in the long-term process of handling cases. For example, in mobile phone manufacturing, from copper foil and screws to screens and circuit boards, we have customers with good reputation. Our office address is located in the CBD center of Shenzhen, with office space of 1200 m2 and nearly 100 employees. It consists of litigation department, non litigation mediation department, business department, personnel department, financial department, customer service department, product publicity department and other departments.


At present, the epidemic has occurred for three years, bringing various changes to all parts of the world. Many of these changes are due to the difficulty of commodity circulation, and there are various inappropriate and untimely connections between supply and demand. If you and your company are really confused about finding Chinese products, the lawyers of Guangdong Jielu Law Firm can participate in your trade at this time, help you and provide you with relevant legal services.


Because our office is located in Shenzhen, the first tier city in China. Shenzhen is a key city in China's economy. It radiates the whole Guangdong region, covering all kinds of products that you and your enterprises can name.


Process: 1. Determine the cooperation intention; 2. Sign the contract; 3. Both parties shall implement the contract terms.


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